Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tall Tales

  • Invite students to write their own original tall tales using guidelines that you write on the board. Your guidelines might include things like these:
    • Create a main character with special abilities or a rare talent.
    • Invent a problem, task, or test for your character to solve against impossible odds.
    • Set your story in the present, in a place you are familiar with, like your town or our school.
    • Use hyperbole in building your character, the task, and the setting. What are the most interesting or important things you want to say in your story? How can you use hyperbole to highlight those things?
  • Give the students a choice of topics (like "My favorite day at school," "My worst day at school," "The amusement park ride," "Our school cafeteria food," and "The most dangerous day of my summer vacation"). (

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