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Summer Reading Grade 5

help with writing a summary

Type your summary right in the comment section for this post.  Please remember only first names on the internet.  Do all 4 at once or one at a time. Please include your book's title and author.


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    There was a girl that never saw a ship before until the Aleut ship came to the island. At first to them it seemed like a small shell afloat on the sea. Then it grew larger and was a gull with folded wings. But at last in the rising sun it became what it really was-a red ship with two red sails.

    She had a sister and a brother. The sisters name was Ulape and the brothers name was Ramo they did not have a mom but they had a dad until the dad got into a fight and died. A new leader took over and his name was Kimki. They had to move to another island because of the wild dogs. They only had a couple of minutes to pack. So Ramo forgot his fishing spear and went back to get it and when he came back the boat was gone. One day Ulape went back to get him and he was dead from the wild dogs. And now Ulape is all alone so she built a house and no one came to get her since. by Jaclyn Timpone


    Have you ever moved to a different city ? Have you ever moved to a different house? Have you ever gone to a different school? If so, than you know how Margaret Ann Simon feels.

    Margaret moves from New York City to the suburbs of New Jersey where she meets many new friends. She learns the ins and outs of middle school and how to fit in. Unlike her friends, Margaret has no religion but talks to God about her life. Both of her grandmothers try to make Margaret choose their religion. Her dad's mom wants her to be Jewish. Her mom's mom wants her to be Catholic. As if peer pressure wasn't enough!

    Talking to God helps Margaret deal with the changes in her life.

    By Miranda


    In the early 1930's , a young girl named Rebecca decides to help her new neighbor by babysitting her baby. Rebecca has heard about babies being snatched and takes extra care to protect the baby.
    Boys in the neighborhood play pranks, like gluing pennies to the sidewalk and then watching people try to pick them up.
    In a twisted prank, a boy named Luigi switches his baby sister with the baby Rebecca is caring for.
    Rebecca freaks out on the inside but remains calm on the outside and plans how to switch them back. Rebecca thinks she knows who the kidnapper is . And that is ......If you want to find out who the kidnapper is , than read the adventure for yourself! By Miranda

  9. Please remember author`s names.
    Mrs. Marrone

  10. SARAH,PLAIN AND TALL by Patricia Maclachlan

    There was a girl who had a brother named Caleb and they only had a dad but they called him Papa. Every morning Caleb would ask something about Mama and one day he asked Papa what did I look like when I was born and Papa thought well its hard to think of Caleb as beautiful but he did not want to hurt Caleb's feelings so he said that Caleb looked beautiful anyway.

    One morning Papa met somebody, her name was Sara, she was plain and tall. Papa invited her to come over in a couple of weeks. So Caleb sent a letter to Sara and Sara wrote back and answered Caleb's questions, but she did say that she was going to wear a yellow outfit and a yellow bonnet when she came. Finally she came and she loved Caleb, she told Caleb about the sea and all of the other things around her neighborhood.
    Papa likes Sara but he was too shy to talk to her.But finally, at the end they fell in love and got married.
    By Jaclyn Timpone

  11. GODESS GIRLS ATHENA THE BRAINby Joan Holub&Suzanne Williams-A girl named athena gets a letter from the gods saying that she is the dauter of Zues (witch means she's a godess). In the letter Zues explains that he wants her to go to MOA (mount olympus academy) to learn how to be a proper godess.Athena decides to go but promises her best friend(pallas)that she would ask if pallas could visit once and a while.

    When Athena got there she made many friends,Infact all exept for 3(Medusa and her 2 sisters)they don't like Athena because posiden(the guy Medusa likes) likes hanging out with Athena,So to get back at Athena she steals her invention for the Invention Fair and ends up turning her self to stone Athena figures out a spell and changes her back but no matter what Medusa still doesn't like Athena and never will.
    By Danielle


    One day a boy named Marty took a walk and he saw something from far away. It was a cute little beagle. Marty found out that this dog was being abused by a terrible man named Judd Travers. Marty took the beagle home and named him Shiloh. He tried to hide Shiloh from his parents and his two sisters but they found out.

    His parents wanted him to bring the dog back to the owner but Marty felt bad and didn't want him to get abused anymore. Marty finally said he was going to bring Shiloh back but he really kept him in the backyard. He took good care of him. One night when Marty was sleeping he heard loud barking. It was a German Shepard tackling Shiloh. It made so much noise that Marty's parents found out. They brought Shiloh to the doctor and while they were waiting Marty told his father that he kept Shiloh because he was being abused.

    Marty went over to Judd and told him he has his dog. Judd was mad but when he found out Shiloh was hurt he said Marty can keep him because he wouldn't be able to hunt anymore. Marty was happy and so was Shiloh.
    by Jaclyn


    One day a boy named Greg was going to school with a DIARY that his mom got for him. But Greg told his mom to get him a diary that said JOURNAL on it but mom was very happy to see me write in it. Today is my swim meet and we have to get there at 7:30 every morning and the water is always FREEZING cold. Rodrick came to pick Greg up in his bands van and one of the drums almost killed Greg because Rodrick went over every speed bump there was. There is something in Greg's school called the cheese touch and Greg just remembered that HE still had it. Good thing that a new kid named Jeremy Pindle was there so that took care of that problem.

    Mom and dad were going on vacation and they told Rodrick that he was in charge and no parties. Right when they left Rodrick picked up the phone and called every one of his firends and had a party. Rodrick told me to get some more chairs from the basement and what does Greg hear in the back of him, Greg hear's a loud (clicking) noise. Rodrick locked Greg in the basement but lucky enough Greg found a flashlight and a phone so he called his best firend Rowley. Five minutes later Rowley rings the door bell and he comes in and get's Greg. Then the phone starts to ring it was mom and dad they said that they were going to be home soon so Greg told Rodrick and then Rodrick told his firends the party was over but twenty minutes later Greg and Rodrick were done but then Rodrick turned around and the door said "RODRICK RULES" in ink so Greg and Rodrick had to take off the door and put an old door on from the basement. Mom and dad come home and mom had to go to the bathroom and she locks the door but what Greg and Rodrick didn't know is that the old door from in the basement had no lock. So when mom got out of the bathroom she of course grounded them for one week and for that week they had to do the dishes and they learned there lesson.
    By:Taylor T.

  14. SADAKO and the thousand paper cranes by Eleanor Coerr

    This book is about an eleven year old girl named Sadako ,a born runner.When she was a baby an atom bomb dropped on her city of Hiroshima. Lots of people were injured,dead or got leukemia. One day when Sadako was at school having recess ,she was running. She couldn't control her legs and fell. When she tried to get up couldn't stand . She was diagnosed with leukemia.

    When Sadako was in the hospital her friend told her a story about if you made a thousand cranes the gods will give you one wish. So she started making them. When she was in the hospital she met a boy named kenji he also had leukemia but a couple of days later he died . Sadako grew weaker and weaker but never gave up .She made 644 cranes ,then Sadako fell asleep and never woke up.In memory of Sadakos life, her class made 356 cranes so Sadako would have her wish of a thousand cranes.

  15. GODESS GIRLS PERSEPHONE THE PHONY by joan holub&suzanne williams

    Persephone goes to the mall with her friends and buys a ball of yarn(even though she dosn't knit)on her way home the bag with the ball of yarn in it broke and the yarn rolled in to a grave yard.Persephone thought it was peaceful there and decided to sit down.Out of the blue a boy(named hades) apears from the under world.Persephone thinks he is cute they talk and talk until Persephones mom(demeter) shows up in her chariot.Demeter tells Hades to stay away from Persephone.Later in the story Persephone finds out that Hades is friends with Zues.At the end of the book there is a school dance Hades asks Persephone and she says yes.Hades worried Persephone because he was late.During the dance Hades gets bullied and Persephone stood up for Hades and the bully backed down.

  16. WHAT EVER AFTER FAIREST OF ALL by Sarah Mlynowski

    It was dark and stormy night wa ha ha!Oops wrong story. This story is about a girl named Abby and her little brother Jonah who wake up in the middle of the night and find themselves in Snow White's enchanted forest. Like the original story, the queen is persistant in attempting to kill Snow White. But unlike the original story all Abby and Jonah want to do is fix Snow White's story and get back home to their world.

    With twists and turns, humor and girl power, Snow White gets the evil queen locked away and saves the prince! They live happily ever after. Except as Abby and Jonah find themselves safely back home....they hear something calling AAABBBBYYYY....Yep, happily ever after....or not!

  17. What Ever After Fairest of All BY Sarah Mlynowski written by Miranda B.


    There once was a girl named Margaret. She moved to New Jersey, left her friends and had to start a new school and life. She is an only child and lived with her mom and dad. Her grandma talked to her every night at 7:30pm. Margaret was confused about her religion. Her dad is Jewish and her mom is Catholic. She did not decide which one she should be.

    She met a friend on her block named Nancy. Nancy invited her over one day. Nancy had one brother named Moose and he helped Margaret's dad around the house. Nancy said that she had a club with her friends at school and wanted to know if Margaret could join. Margaret was happy and said "yes". She met lots of friends in this club.

    In the club the girls talked about lots of girlie things. They wanted to grow up really fast so Margaret wanted to grow up too. She talked to God everyday and told him about her life. She was always confused. Her parents and grandparents always fought about religion and she never understood why.

    At the end Margaret was happy that she made friends and liked her new home. By Jaclyn

  19. The Call of the Wild retold from the Jack London original.
    The Call of the Wild is a book about a dog named Buck. He was a powerful St.Bernard Scotch Shepherd dog. In the beginning of the book Buck lives a good life in California's Santa Clara Valley with his owner, Judge Miller. Buck is then stolen and sold into a hard life as a sled dog. Buck is starved and beaten. Men named Francois and Perrault, buy Buck and realize what a smart, strong, and powerful dog he is. They take him to Canada and Buck learns how to survive in the cold and how to get along with his teamates. Buck fights with the lead dog, Spitz. Buck eventually beats Spitz in a major fight. Buck then becomes the leader of the team.
    Buck is sold again to a man who works in the mail service. The dogs loads are incredibly heavy and the jorney is very long. When the journey is over the dogs are beaten down and exhausted.
    Once more Buck is sold to a trio who want to make a fortune finding gold. They know nothing about sledding or surviving in the wilderness. They come into contact with a man named John Thorton. He tries to give them advice. The dogs, however, are in terrible shape from the bad treatment they are receiving. Buck senses danger and refuses to travel on and is then beaten. Mr. Thorton realizes Buck is a great dog and cuts him free and tells the owners he is keeping him. Ignorning warnings, the trio tried to cross the river and the ice gives way and the dogs along with the trio fall into the river. Thorton nurses Buck back to health. Buck grows to love Thorton and is devoted to him. Buck then saves Thorton life when Thorton falls into the river. A man makes a wager with Thorton about Buck's strength and devotion. Buck wins the bet and wins a lot of gold dust. While Buck is exploring the wilderness, Thorton and his friends are attacked by Yeehat Indians. Buck then attacks the Indians to avenge Thorton's death.
    At the end of the story, Buck returns to the wild.

    By Matthew M.

  20. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

    The main character, Brian Robeson, is flying to Canada to meet up with his father. Brian is the only passenger. The pilot, of the small plane, has a heart attack and dies. Brian is left to fly the plane on his own and needs to make an emergency landing into a lake.
    Brian now needs to learn how to survive in the Canadian woods. He makes many mistakes and at times is very frustrated but he always learns from his mistakes. He builds a shelter, learns how to make a fire with no matches, and learns how to catch fish with equipment he makes himself. The hatchet, that his mother gave him before his plane took off, is key to his survival.

    After Brian survives a tornado, he sees the plane has shifted and now the plane's tail is sticking out of the lake. Brian remembers that there is a survival pack in the plane and he tries to retrieve it by building a raft. After several attempts he finally gets the pack. While he is trying to get the pack he sees something gross. He sees the pilot's head partially eaten by the fish. He now has so many useful items from the pack and he is so happy. He tries to use the emergency transmitter but thinks it does not work. As he is just about to have a feast, from his newly found supplies, a rescue plane arrives to save him.

    By: Matthew M.

  21. A Boy No More by Harry Mazer.

    The main character of A Boy No More is Adam Pelko and he is also the narrator. The setting at first is in Hawaii and then the family moves to Californa.

    When Adam and his friend Davi were fishing in the harbor, they saw the USS Arizona being attacked and sunk by the Japanese in Pearl Harbor. Adam's father was aboard that ship. Now the fourteen year-old Adam moves to California with his mom and his little sister.

    Adam's mother now has to work and she starts smoking and drinking too much.

    Adam makes a friend named Nancy. She was a bad friend at first but she comes through for Adam in the end.

    Adam's best friend, Davi Mori, writes to him from Hawaii. Davi and his family are Japanese Americans. Davi asks Adam for help finding his father in California. Davi's father was taken away because he is Japanese. Adam's mother does not want him to help Davi. She thinks its too dangerous. He does not listen to his mother. He does complete the task and not only finds Davi's father but finds Davi and the rest of Davi's family together in a camp in California. Davi's family can not leave the camp and are closely watched. Many other Japanese Americans were taken from their homes and were blamed for Pearl Harbor.

    At the end of the book, Adam comes home and Davi's family decides to stay together and are going to wait to be freed. Adam goes back to his family and his job, and tries to earn his mother's trust back.

    By: Matthew M.

  22. THE GIRL WITH THE SILVER EYES BY WILLO DAVIS ROBERTS- A girl named Katie lived with her grandma. One day her grandma fell down the stairs and died. Since Katie was the only one in the house everyone assumed she pushed her grandma down the stairs. Everybody thought she was peculiar because she has silver eyes. Katie has the ability to move stuff without touching them an that scares people around her. When Katie's mom was pregnant with Katie she worked with a drug that got canceled but it affected Katie. Other people who worked with her mom there kids got affected too. Katie taught herself how to read at age 3. She goes out in search of the other kids an hopes she can find them.

    By:Danelle Crowley

  23. Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia Mac Lachlan

    Papa, Anna, Caleb live on a prairie. Anna's mom died when Caleb was born. Papa puts an ad in the newspaper for a new wife. Sarah Elizabeth Wheaton wrote a letter saying she was from the ocean. Sarah wrote in her letter "PS I sing", so Papa smiles and shows the children. Sarah comes to visit to see if she can get along with the children. Anna and Caleb are worried that Sarah wants to leave because she wants tolearn to go to the town alone. Sarah comes back from the town with the colors of the sea; three colored pencils. Sarah and Papa will get married. I can really picture the scenes in the book. I liked this book.

    By Evelyn

  24. The Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum

    Dorothy is a friendly, hardworking, little girl. She lives in Kansas with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and her dog, Toto. A cyclone brings her and Toto to the Land of the Munchkins. Her farm house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. The Good Witch of the North gives Dorothy the silver shoes. Dorothy wants to go back to Kansas, so she goes to the City of Emeralds to see the Wizard of Oz. She meets and has many adventures with the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion. They are good friends and go to many lands together; such as China Town, the Land of the Winkies, and the Land of the Quadlings. The Wizard of Oz tells them to destroy the Wicked Witch of the West. Dorothy melts the witch and gets her Golden Cap, which commands the winged monkeys. Then Oz only is able to help Dorothy's friends. So Dorothy goes to Glinda, the Good Witch of the South for help. Glinda tells her to clap the heels of the silver shoes together three times and command them to where she wants to go. This is how she gets back to Kansas.

    By Evelyn

  25. Nighty-Nightmare by James Howe

    Howie (a puppy), Uncle Harold (a dog), and Chester(a cat), go on a camping trip with their family, the Monroes. Then they meet Dawg(a dog), at the camping trip. Dawg's real name is Teufel, which means devil. Dawg brings Howie, Chester,and Harold away from their family to show them a house. They get lost. Chester worries that Dawg is leading them the wrong way on purpose, so that Spud and Bud,(Dawg's owners) can hurt the Monroes. Chester tells Dawg, Harold, and Howie a scary story about Bunnicula, the vampire bunny. They fall asleep and it rains, so they can't find their way back. Dawg helps them get back to the campsite. Here they follow a trail that they think is blood but is ketchup. Finally, they end up back at the house, where Bud, Spud, and the Monroes are safe and dry.

    By Evelyn

    In this fantasy book dragons, lizards and other creatures can talk and act just like humans. Danny is a dragon who was going to a camp with his friends. Danny was looking forward to having fun until he found out that his little cousin was coming. Danny was so angry because his little cousin Spencer was so annoying and Spencer was probably going to embarrass Danny.

    After they arrived Spencer couldn’t make any friends. He sneaked off into the desert to be by himself. Danny and his friend Wendell followed him and found him sneaking into a cave. When Danny stuck his head into look in the cave he saw Spencer with a jackalope. No one believed that jackalopes were real. The jackalope asked Spencer, Danny and Wendell to help him find his family. He told them that they were the last of the jackalopes. A lot of funny things happened as Spencer, Danny and Wendell tried to help the jackalope find his family. They finally found the jackalopes family and the jackalopes went back out into the desert.
    By: Jared


    Calvin Tait is a boy that plays many sports. Calvin’s friend Zero also plays many sports. This summer they both signed up to play soccer at the YMCA. They get picked to play on the same team called Little Italy. Their coach was Luis Diaz, a teenage boy who was really good at soccer. It was the first time they had played soccer, but they both got the hang of it real quick. They were the fastest and best players on the team.
    They won their first game with a score of 5-0 and the game after that with a score of 4-2. They won most of the games but the most difficult team was Bauer Electric. Their team made the playoffs and then made it to the championship. They were going to play against Bauer Electric. It was an exciting game and it was tied 3-3, Bauer Electric had the ball. they passed it up and then they shot and scored. Little Italy lost there was nothing to do about it. But Calvin and Zero know there were lots of seasons, they had basketball, baseball, and hockey so we could win a championship any time.
    By Jared


    The Time Warp Trio series books are about Joe and his friends Sam and Fred. Joe’s uncle Joe gave him The Book for his birthday. It is a small dark blue book with strange silver writing on it. They have no idea how it works but somehow they time-warp, traveling to times in the past or future and the only way to get back home is to find The Book again. The only thing that was the same was that a green mist came right before they were time-warped.
    In Summer Reading is Killing Me, Joe left the school’s list for summer reading in The Book. They travel to a place from one of the books on the list. They find themselves is in Hoboken from The Hoboken Chicken Emergency being attacked by a giant chicken. They have to figure out how to get away from the chicken by remembering what happens in the book. They figured that The Book would probably be in the local library. When they got to the library, they saw every bad character from the summer reading list going in.
    They pretended to be bad guys to fit in. They found out they had to see the “boss”. The “boss” was the devil. In the library they met Frankenstein, the Cyclops, Long John Silver the pirate, an octopus, a giant teddy bear and lots of other bad guys. The devil had the book and a big fight broke out, finally Fred got The Book and pulled the summer reading list out of it. The green mist came and they time-warped back home.
    By Jared


    Nathaniel Phillips is an 11-year-old American-boy who lives in St. John’s, Canada in the year 1777. His parents are Tories, people loyal to the British, who left Albany to get away from the American rebels. He still has a sister, Poly who lives in Albany. He is an apprentice for Master Rodman, a blacksmith. He wants to join the British army as they fight the American Rebels, so he decides to run away with the army as they headed to Albany.
    Nathaniel likes being with the soldiers and he wants to fight. He makes friends with one of the soldiers servants, Ben. The British soon begin to run out of supplies and don’t have much food, life becomes very hard. One day Ben and Nathaniel get captured by the American Rebels. It is then that Nathaniel finds out that Ben is a spy for General Benedict Arnold. In order to save his life Nathaniel stays with the American Rebels and he begins to understand why they are fighting. He remains with the Americans through the Battle of Saratoga. After the battle his friend Ben goes off to join the American troops. Nathaniel decides to stay in America and goes off to find his sister.
    By Jared


  30. Book # 1 Middle School the Worst Years of My Life
    By James Paterson and Chris Tebbetts
    This book is about a boy named Rafe with a good imagination. Rafe likes to think school is a prison. Rafe has a mission.” Operation Rafe” is to break every rule in the school. One night Rafe sneaks out of his house and draws a huge mural on the wall of the school. He made all the teachers look like witches and the principal look like a dragon! This not only got him expelled, but he would probably have to repeat 6th grade too. Finally Ms Donatello Rafe’s teacher came up with an idea. She told them about a school for kids who were artist called Airbrook. Ms. Donatello said she would help Rafe put together a portfolio so he could get in if he was willing to go to summer school and improve his grades. Rafe agreed. By Tyler

    Book # 2 Middle School Get Me Out of Here! By James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts

    Rafe’s story continues when his mom loses her job and his family has to move in with his grandmother in New York. Since Rafe could not go to Airbrook School, his mother found a public school for art called Cathedral. Rafe had to go for an interview and then he was let in. The kids were mean to him and made fun of his art. Rafe ran away, back to where he used to live. When Rafe’s mom came to get him they found out her job was still open and she got it back. Rafe and his family moved back to Hills Village. Rafe got into Airbrook School with Ms. Donatello’s help, but only if he went to Summer school again.
    by Tyler

    Book # 3 George Brown Class Clown Attack of the Tighty Whities! By Nancy Krulik

    This story is about a kid named George Brown. He is a good speller and he enters the Country Wide Spelling bee. One day George wishes upon a star. He wishes to be funny but not get in trouble. Only half of his wish comes true. George makes magical super burps that make him act silly. George’s mom takes him shopping for spelling bee clothes. He gets plaid pants, a bow tie and very tight tighty whitiey underwear. On the night of the big spelling bee, George feels a big burp coming. He runs out of the school and burps really loud. The he runs into the garden and starts dancing like a ballerina. Suddenly a bee sting George in his butt and the burps are gone! George came in second place in the spelling bee, but he was happy because the burps were gone.
    By Tyler

    Book # 4 The Fenway Foul Up By David A Kelly

    This book in about two cousins named Mike and Kate. Their favorite baseball player is Big D. He plays for the Red Sox .One day during batting practice Big D’s lucky bat gets stolen. Now Big D can’t get a hit. Mike and Kate solve the mystery and find the missing bat at the souvenir stand. Mike and Kate tell Bobby the bat boy where they found the bat. After the game, Big D came out to thank them. He gave Mike a baseball signed by all the Red Sox players. He gave Kate a bat that looked just like his lucky bat. He wrote a message on the bat. It said to my favorite MVP’s next time I hit a home run, it’s for you! By Tyler

  31. IVY AND BEAN by:Annie Barrows

    This book is about two friends named Ivy and Bean. Ivy likes to read, Bean likes to play ball. Ivy like to wear dresses, Bean like to wear T-shirts and pants. Ivy just moved next door and Bean said "I want to go play with her but Ivy doesn't like what I like". The next day Bean looked out her window and she didn't see Ivy holding a book she was playing ball. Bean went to Ivy's house to play ball with her and from that day Ivy and Bean were friends.
    By:Taylor T.

  32. Skylark by Patricia MacLachlan

    Skylark is the sequel to the book Sarah, Plain and Tall. Sarah, Papa, Caleb and Anna are a family. It hasn't rained on the prairie for a very long time. It was dusty and dry and there were fires. Sarah, Caleb and Anna go to where Sarah used to live by the sea in Maine. Papa stays to take care of the prairie and animals. They all miss each other. They write letters like Papa and Sarah used to do before they were married. It rains in Maine and they go on boat rides but it wasn't the same without Papa. One day Papa comes to Maine and says it rained. They all go back to the prairie. Sarah and Papa tell Caleb and Anna that they are going to have a new baby in the spring.

    By Evelyn

  33. GODDESS GIRLS: APHRODITE THE BEAUTY by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams- Aphrodite(the goddess of love)is sick of having gods fall all over her so she decides to give one of her best friends(Athena) a makeover. The next day they did the makeover and then they went to a party that night and all the gods stopped paying attention to Aphrodite and couldn't take their eyes off Athena. Aphrodite was happy for her at first, until the god she was in love with(Ares) liked Athena. Aphrodite got jealous and left. The next day she got a note from Hippomenes asking for help with a goddess he liked. Aphrodite wrote back telling him to meet her tomorrow and he did. The day after she found out that Ares only pretended to like Athena to see if her dad would name a town after him. Then Aphrodite didn't like him any more and got revenge by getting red roses, writing a note saying the roses were to Medusa from Ares and then put them in front of Medusa's door. The next day she asked a friend to make 3 gold apples for her in two hours. When she received the apples she went to see Hippomenes. She gave him the 3 apples and created a plan. Hippomenes and Atalanta have to race and if Hippomenes wins he gets to marry her. He uses the apples to distract her and wins the race. So the plan worked and he got married. Aphrodite enjoyed helping her friends.

    By: Danielle C


    This book is about two brothers named Peter and Farley Drexel but everybody calls him Fudge. Today Peter won a turtle at his friend Jimmy's birthday party. They had to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar. Back at home Fudge was playing with one of dads socks again and Peter tried to name his turtle. A minute or two went by and Peter had a name for his turtle, he named it Dribble. Peter said "Do not touch Dribble" and Fudgle said "No touch no touch" Peter and Fudge's mom came home right after and they had the talk about Dribble. Peter's mom said right after she saw Dribble "If you have this turtle YOU have to take care of it" and that's what I did.

    The next day their mom cooked them breakfast. After breeakfast Peter went to school and he had to do a report with Jimmy and Sheila (Miss know-it-all). Went he came back from school and told his mom all about it. His mom said "Maybe in five minutes we with call them up". In about five to ten minutes the door bell rang it was Jimmy and then Sheila came. They worked on it for almost two hours and then they went home.

    The next day was the last day they can work on the report, so all of them went to the park and Peter mom had to take them. Fudge said "I want to come. Right when they got to the park Fudge ran to the swings so we couldn't do the report right away. Then Fudge said "Look I'm a bird" Fudge jumped from the top of the swings. They all turned around and Fudge was crying and his two front teeth were gone they looked on the grass but nothing was there. Peter's mom went to the docters and Fudge swallowed them. When they got home they didn't get any work done. Peter has one BIG problem...his little brother but he will always love him.
    By:Taylor Troise

  35. Heat by Mike Lupica

    This book begins with Michael Arroyo, his Papi Victor and his older brother, Carlos immigrating from Cuba to the Bronx in New York City. His Papi then dies from a heart attack. Now the brothers are living on their own and pretending their dad is still alive.

    Michael is twelve years old and has a great pitching arm. Michael is a big fan of baseball and he loves the New York Yankees. His favorite player on the Yankees is El Grande.

    One day Michael is playing on his baseball little league team against another team which has a boy named Justin on it. Justin thinks Michael is too good to be pitching on this twelve year old league. He thinks that Michael is older than twelve. When the coaches complain about Michael, he needs to get a birth certificate so he can prove his age. After having so much trouble getting the certificate, El Grande comes and helps Michael produce the certificate. El Grande is able to help because he is also from Cuba.

    Michael then helps the team win and they make it to the World Series. The little league World Series is inside Yankee Stadium. Playing and being in the stadium is Michael's life long dream.

    By: Matthew M


    This book is about a girl named Jenny McAfee. Jenny was running for class president. She wasn't much of a leader but then again, Jenny had never thought that her best friend, Addie Wilson, would ditch her for the most popular kids in school. When Jenny's friends heard that Addie is running for sixth grade president, they had to do something about it. Jenny put her name on the list as fast as she could. If Jenny and her friends can't keep Addie from winning, Addie and her friends are going to run the whole sixth grade. At the end of the day the teacher said "And the winner is...Jenny McAfee"! There was only a difference of 10 points between them. Jenny got to pick who her vice president was and she picked Addie. Together they will try to make the school better. The reason why Jenny was running for the sixth grade persident is that she wanted to stop the popular kids from being so mean. And she did it!
    By:Taylor T.


    Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze, by Alan Silberberg

    Milo's mother died in his third house (fog house), and he can't remember her very well. With the help of his friends Marshall and Hillary he remembers her more than ever. It's an epic clash of yard sales, flowers, and brain freezers. They all link him to the past. Milo thinks it's impossible to remmember her but he does it. I don't know what I think about this book but it is good and that's what counts.

    Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers, by Dav Pilkey

    Captain Underpants returns to save the day, well once he gets out of prison any way. When he gets out of jail it's an all out brawl between him and Tippy. Until, bam! back 5 years ago when the creators of Captain Underpants George and Harold were little kids. It all started when they embarassed bullies and avenged small children. They became Robin Hoods who couldn't spell. And if that's not enough, they caused a paradox. Or in simpler terms they unweaved the fabric of space time's shopping bag spilling the lemons of life out onto the busy street, squishing them and making their citrus juices drip down into the sewer causing the rats of doom to suck upon the lemon juice.

    The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha

    Based on the website 1,000 Awesome this book is Awesome for people who need a chuckle, a smile, and a little bit more Awesome in their lives. This book is on a mission to show people a few more awesome things in life. Adrenaline, Awesome! Wordless Apologies, Awesome! When life gives you lemons make combustable lemon grenades. Just remember to notice these awesome things and you'll be OK.

    A Tale Dark and Grimm, by Adam Gidwitz

    Hansel and Gretel, the son and daughter of the King and Queen find themselves beheaded, baked, gambled, guilty, hairy, separated, and reunited. Yes, they were very Grim through their quest just to go in a full circle through kingdoms and h***. All this because of three fortune telling Ravens, who were very rude I might add. Hansel and Gretel face many challenges throughout their quest but the most difficult challenge is coming back to the kingdom of grimm to fight a dragon. Another conflict is they have to learn to forgive their parents who sent them on this life changing quest that almost cost them their lives. So, this book is scary, suspensful, and totally epic!

  38. Andrew

    The Story of Jackie Robinson
    discrimination-treatment or consideration of or making a distinction in favor of or against.
    desegregation-the elimination of laws
    integrity-adherence to moral and ethical principles
    1. Jackie Robinson was playing 1st base and 2nd base well. He won 7 M.L.S world series in club history of his team.
    2. When Jackie and his team was in the world series the crowd was booing and throwing cans. He still did his best.
    3. He started playing for the minor leagues in the 1940's and then played for the Brooklyn Dodges.

  39. Andrew
    Decades ago in the republic city a young Avatar went to the city. He sees a guy named Amon talking about making the city free of bending (a super power that is good)so he can take over the city. He want to stop bending so he can be in control.

    The Avatars have to fight Amon to save the city. The Avator needs help to conquer the Amon. He gets help from other benders. They fight and Amon and the others defeat Amon and save the city.
    The lesson is to stay strong and be your best and never give up.
    Bendering is a metaphor for inner strength.

  40. Big Nate

    This story is a boy named Nate and his troubles in school. The problem is Nate does not listen to directions and gets in trouble often. Then he gets a fortune cookie that changes his day. He decides to get detention from each teacher the first in his school to get that. He sets a school record. The he celebrates and the teachers are nicer to him. The lesson is.. if you put your mind to something you can achieve it no matter what it is.

  41. Big Nate

    This story takes place in school. Big Nate is being bothered again by a boy named Jefferson. Jefferson is always causing trouble and getting Big Nate in trouble. Jefferson always beat Nate in everything for the last 7 years and brags about it. Nate figures out that they can have a snow scooter context. Nate really wanted to win. Nate beat Jefferson in the contest. Jefferson was mad at first but then he was o.k. about it. The boys were happy in the end. The lesson is. Never give up, keep trying.