Thursday, June 3, 2010


Are you for or against hunting as a sport?


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  2. I'm against hunting as a sport.

    How Do We Stop Thrill Killing?
    There has been a growing trend of thrill killing of animals throughout Wisconsin to Washington State during the last few years. Most Americans, such as myself agree that it has to be put to an end.
    Killing animals just for the thrill of killing something is unnecessary and cruel. There are times when killing animals to thin out the population is necessary to keep an equal balance in nature. At times, when there are too many animals in one area and not enough food to go around for all of them, the law permits you to thin out the animal population. Then again sometimes we need to kill animals for resources such as food and clothing. This type of killing also seems to be necessary.
    Teenagers that play violent video games need to know the difference between reality and a game. People shouldn’t kill animals or people just for the thrill of it. Video games are fictional and shouldn’t be brought into real life.
    Hunting has always been a way for humans to survive. They needed animal skins for clothing and food for survival. I believe that’s the way it should stay. I don’t think killing should be a competitive sport for awards or the thrill of it.

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  4. ---- FACTS--

    Hunters kill more than 200 million animals yearly- crippling them, harassing millions!

    The annual death toll in the U.S. includes 42 million mourning doves, 30 million squirrels, 28 million quail, 25 million rabbits, 20 million pheasants, 14 million ducks, 6 million deer, and thousands of geese, bears, moose, elk, antelope, swans, cougars, turkeys, wolves, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, boars, and other woodland creatures

    May I ask, can you eat a bobcat? wolf? cougar? or a swan?
    Hunting for necessary needs such as clothing or food is okay. But not the way the breeders and "farms" torture their animals for it.

    When hunters talk about shooting overpopulated animals, they are usually referring to white-tailed deer, representing only 3 percent of all the animals killed by hunters. Sport hunters shoot millions of mourning doves, squirrels, rabbits, and waterfowl, and thousands of predators, none of who any wildlife biologist would claim are overpopulated or need to be hunted. Even with deer, hunters do not search for starving animals. They either shoot animals at random, or they seek out the strongest and healthiest animals in order to bring home the biggest trophies or largest antlers.

    Before you support a "wildlife" or "conservation" group, ask if it supports hunting. Such groups as the National Wildlife Federation, the National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Izaak Walton League, the Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund, and many others are pro-hunting.

    Today, many of the companies feed their animals hormones, they eat dirty grass filled with pesticides, torture them in tight spaces and breed them specifically for their meat, but before taking it, the animals get put through harassment and poor treatment. Like I mentioned above, when buying meat at the store, remember to REALLY look into that farm and make sure everything fed to the animals are organic, pure and their treatment is better before they are killed for their meat.

    As for joy hunters, who kill for sports, it is NOT a way to get rid of overpopulation according to Luke Dommer of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, there have been many proposals to a better way to get rid of excess animals.

  5. I am against sport hunting ^

  6. I feel the same way Charles does. If people keep teaching their children how to hunt at young ages by the time they're 15-18 when they have a gun they will be killing every animal they see for fun when they're bored. I think that if you kill a deer then you have to eat and or use every part and since most of part of the deer's body is intestines and bone you really can only use half of the body for meat and other tools... Some people feel the other way but i don't know how people can feel that way like how would you ( everyone reading this) feel if someone walked into your house and pointed a gun at you?

    - Vincent

  7. ProHunting... Hunters are some of the greenest people in the world. Taxes from hunting go to the state or the federal government to enhance wildlife habitat and to support wildlife parks and refuges. A hunters main goal is to maintain a healthy environment in the forests and wetlands.
    Hunting is one of the few modern wildlife population control methods that work. Legal hunting helps so many animals do not over populate and die from starvation!!! If animals over populate they will search for food any where including farms and pets. I mean if we didn't have hunters you never know you could wake up one day and be someone else's lunch (WILD ANIMAL)
    -tom g

  8. I think that hunting should only be for survival and if it is needed. If you need to hunt for food and to survive I think that that is necessary. if you hunt for a sport, I think that is unecessary in addition to , hurting the enviornment and maybe endangering the species.

    --> by ToHmAs MiLLeR

  9. I am all for hunting. When it comes to hunting for fun, I disagree like many others. I believe in hunting for many reasons, one reason would be because of over population. There are alot of deer and the land may become over populated and make the eco-system off balance. Also, many people die from car collisions involving deer each year. My Uncle recently hit a deer with his new big, bulky truck and if he would have had his smaller car, he may have fallen of the hill and could have possibly died. So if we limit down the population to make it more balanced everything would be fine.

  10. @Kelsey--
    The overpopulation is the white tail deer which makes up 3% of what hunters hunt.

  11. @ Natalie
    Only 3 percent of animals are killed by hunters. the other 97 percent is called survival of the fitest. Animals are going to die eventually and humans come first over animals.

  12. @Tom
    "Hunters are some of the greenest people in the world. Taxes from hunting go to the state or the federal government to enhance wildlife habitat and to support wildlife parks and refuges. A hunters main goal is to maintain a healthy environment in the forests and wetlands. "
    If we kill out the animals, we'll have to eat the trees and the plants..
    Wouldn't you agree moderation and fair balance, than rather hunting the animals that according to biologists, aren't overpopulated?

  13. I go against hunting because people are saying all these things about how our kids arent gonna see a polar bear or maybe a deer when they get older then if they keep saying that then maybe they should put a stop to hunting! i know its wrong to tell people what to do but sometimes you need to tell people what they are doing that they dont relize it! even in clothing if they have nothing to wear then they shouldnt kill a poor little animal make something out of string find anything just dont kill an innocent life!


  14. Our kids aren't going to see polar bears because global warming. What the heck do deers have to do with global warming? haha. There are plenty of deer in the forest for the whole world. Deer are overpopulated and I don't think were going to have a problem with them being extinct. :)


  15. WHITETail Deer are overpopulated..and only the men are. The beautiful doe and the different type of deer are over populated.
    Have you ever heard of the caribou, or the antelope?
    Did you know moose are a form of deer. They aren't overpopulated.
    And wild fires are playing a big part in gettng rid of excess white tails.. between the hunting it'll be worse.
    Also, I did my research and a man named Luke Dommer from the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting there have been MANY proposals to the goverment for better ways for overpopulated white tail.

  16. There are more deer now then when the pilgrims first landed on plymouth rock.So if we dont hunt are we suppose to let innocent people go hungry and get injured and killed by the over populated deer?
    It is a fact that we need hunting to keep balance in the eco system.
    If it is wrong for humans to hunt deer for food are we suppose to stop animals in the wild stop hunting other animals? Hunting an animal as a human is the same as hunting an animal as another animal. They hunt for food just like we hunt for food.I also believe its in humane to deny a person of a resource they need for living. I also believe its inhumane to let these animals suffer by being so over populated they have to migrate to places that are unsafe for them so they get hit by cars. Personally i would rather just get shot if i were the deer instead of suffering a long death because of injury from a car accident.

    NATALIE Yes many animals are killed a year by hunting but did you check the population of those animals in the U.S.? If you did you would've noticed that the percentage hunted isnt even close to the over all population of the animals you listed.

    also Natalie said in class deer are filled w/ pesticides. if we dont stop hunting we wont have meat to eat so we would need to get protein an vitamins from another resource such as veggies and fruits. But pesticides are sprayed on to fruits and plants to KILL insects that crawl on them. If the pesticides KILL the insects what are they gonna do to us? science text book page 355-357

  17. Not ONLY the whitetail deer are overpopulated.Do you know the most dangerous animal in North America is Bambi? Your white tailed deer friends kill around 130 americans each and every year simply by car accidents. Deer also carry ticks that transmit Lyme disease to about 13,000 people each year.
    The deer overpopulation harms natrual ecosystems .
    Although MAYBE only the white tail deer are over populated. theres more of a chance that someone will hunt a wtd ( white tail deer)

  18. May I see your research of the percentages? I need some proof to know that the animals I listed aren't hunted.
    If they aren't hunted WHAT ARE?
    List please.

  19. And Katie---
    They may spray pesticides on veggies and fruit but they test that makeup you love to wear on the animals.
    WHICH they must take out of the population. WHICH reduces overpopulation.

  20. There is a pro and a con for everything. Everything a chain reaction.
    And only 1 out of 20 households eat deer. :)

  21. I'll be honest with you, my grandpa hunts and absolutely LOVES venicine or however you spell it . hahaa. so he eats it so i guess my household is one out of 20 :)

  22. Also,
    78% of the meat we eat, come from cows, chickens, lamb, pigs. Which are bred. NOT hunted in the woods.
    The other 30% come from, deer, rabbits, waterfowl, etc..
    Where is the hunting for food playing a role if 78 is from a farm.

  23. Sabrina is having trouble commenting but she told me to say this to Kelsey:

    "Well Kelsey, the hunting of deer will cause extinction. And polar bears are skinned for fur jackets!"

  24. Look at that pretty little face. How can you kill it?

  25. @natty
    How many times did u go on here my God natty like half of the comments r from u
    -->ThOmAs M

  26. @Sabrina.
    Polar Bears will become extinct because their underpopulated, meaning there's not alot of the left. But deer are overpopulated so they will not become extinct anytime soon.

  27. Before I wear any makeup i check the company and see if they test on animals. And M.A.C cosmetics which i wear daily doesnt test on animal <3

  28. I agree with kelsey i think we should kill the deers because they are over populated

    -->CoReY R

  29. I am against hunting...Because there is no point of killing animals. They don't hurt people unless you try to hurt them.

  30. I am a strong believer in hunting i belive strongly that hunting is a necessity People who live in the woods need to hunt they can not go to the local supermarket and buy there favorite cut of venice .I belive that hunting is the more helthier way of life i know it sounds crazy but they eat natrual grass no pesticides or any of those bad chemicals that they have if you were to get it at the supermarket .As long as you cook it thourghly then you will not get sick .But honestly no tHrill killing

  31. I'm against hunting because it is unfair and cruel to animals.

    -Nick S.

  32. I am against hunting for fun because it is unfair to take a defenseless animal of god and take its life away.

  33. Alexs people dont need hunting...they could eat fish if they want they dont need to hunt off deers..and like i said in class no matter how long you cook meat the hormones and pesticides are gonna be in there :)

  34. @Natalie

    You just keep speaking for the poor defenseless animals! Good job!

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